Non-integer GB memory size - minor UX bug


I think the following behavior is an UI/UX bug and should probably be fixed:

  • I have physical hosts with 8 GB RAM, so in order to fit two “big” VMs to the host, I want them to have 3.5 GB of RAM, not 4 GB.
  • I select the VM in Sunstone, open the Capacity tab, and click Resize
  • now I see the capacity pop-up, with “Memory: [ 2 ] [GB]” line (the old value of RAM size)
  • I enter “3.5” instead of “2”, and get an error “Please select a valid value. Two nearest values are 3 and 4”.
  • When I click on the “GB”, and select “MB” instead, the value 3.5 is automatically recalculated to 3584, and can be used.

So Sunstone knows that “3.5” is a number, and that “3.5 GB” is equivalent to “3584 MB”. Why does it refuse to use the value directly then? (I know, implementation details; but from the UI/UX standpoint it is a bug, albeit a minor one). Please consider fixing it some time in the future.


Hello @Yenya,

From 5.4.1, the steps in that input will change from 1 to 0.1 to be more precise as you request.

Thanks for the advise.

Best regards,


Wouldn’t it be better to allow any number? 0.1 GB is equivalent to 102.4 MB, which is also not an integer.