Search Filter in Sunstone does not work correctly in OpenNebula 4.12 Beta

If I filter on a “hostname” in the “search” field in Sunstone I get spurious results. For example filtering on “test-ha-host1” I’ll also get results for “test-ha-host2”. The filter works correctly in < ONE 4.12

Hi Stefan,

What OpenNebula resource are you filtering and using what view?


Virtual Resources: Virtual Machines
View: admin

Thanks for looking into it!

The Virtual Machine table now includes a hidden column with all the VM information. Could you check if this value (“test-ha-host1”) is present in both resources using the onevm show ID -x for each resource?

For none of the resources (onvm show ID -x) does it have the “HOSTNAME” information, other than in “history” / “error” records