Query / filter VMs/Image/etc in sunstone GUI

[ONE 4.10]


Is there a way to use search queries in sunstone views , like AND / OR ?
Or filter by attributes / tags ?

You can use regexp in the search input for Virtual Machines and it will be applied to the whole template of the virtual machine.

Does the regex need to be in some special brackets?
For example I search for


which should list entries with any number in it.



should list VMs with whitespace in Name field.

But results are empty.

What opennebula version are you using?

You have an example in this ticket:

I have just tested with a pool of vms ttylinux-kvm-NUMBER, and I can filter for example with kvm-[4-8] (vms 4,5,6,7,8) or kvm-\d" (vms with only 1 digit). The input box is using the opennebula template format to match the regexp, so you can use NAME=“ttylinux-kvm-\d” or any other attribute CPU="[0-4]?\d" (lower than 50).

Awesome! Thank you.

I’m running 4.10. I’ll update to 4.12 shortly…