Connecting OpenNebulla 5.8.4 to Active Directory VIA LDAP

I am looking for a modified “doc/video” to use to connect my test vOneCloud to use a Microsoft active directory environment, specifically what is expected on the Add Active Directory Server page.

From control panel I have tried the settings as listed and different combinations of the settings as they should match when it builds the server1.yaml. Nothing seems to work, I do not get any obvious errors, on the dashboard or the logs to indicate it doesn’t connect but when i save the settings the server1.yaml file is empty with none of Active Directory Settings in it.

Should the server have an open ldap connection to the network before installing OpenNebula, I did not setup LDAP outside of the VOnecloud deployment so the server is standalone.

I am trying to set up this environment using multiple VMware Virtual Centers that are in use presently with AD Group rights for access permission. The goal is to see if i can have a user connect to OpenNebula for access to their multiple Virtual Centers and served from a single interface. I would think accessing Opennebula as a cloud user would pass the AD credentials into the respective environments which would by default limit the access to exposed Virtual Centers.