Contributing network bandwidth and disk storage?


I maintain a public data archive (see, which hosts mirrors of various software packages and Linux distributions. I wonder whether some of its disk space and network bandwidth could be usable for OpenNebula as well. The size of the ONe software itself is probably negligible (at least compared to the full Fedora or Debian archive :-), but maybe I can mirror the marketplace appliances or something like that.

I am mainly interested in mirroring data which do not just sit on my disk array, but which also get downloaded by users (the total monthly traffic of a mirrored package should be at least as big as the total volume of the disk space used,
preferably more).

Would ONe developers be interested in such a contribution?


Hi Yenya,

apologies for the delay! Thanks a lot for the offer! we are currently using AWS S3 as a backend for our marketplace images. For the moment we would like to stick with this, basically because it’s easier for us to just upload something to S3, instead of managing multiple mirrors.

But thanks a lot for the offer, we appreciate it :slight_smile: