CPU overcommit problem

I’ve one more problem before proceeding with the rollout of our new 5.12 setup.
In previous versions, I managed to overcommit memory and CPU to the max - I don’t really care in all honesty. We never ran out of resource as CPU was mostly idling and I could deploy as many VM’s as needed without impacting the system. In the new version, I want to to the same thing. The ESX cluster has 830GB real RAM, which I’ve successfully over provisioned to 1.6TB, but CPU overcommitment is a mess.
Right now, reserved CPU and RAM are both 0% (I’ve tried dropping CPU to -100%), but the allocated CPU is showing 1800/6000 with about 6 VM’s running but the real CPU is showing @ 2510%, and nothing I do in the overcommitment CPU slider (or entering any value) makes any difference. The physical cluster has 120 cores, but I just need to get the CPU overcommit as high as possible. In a previous version (5.6) the real CPU overcommit was running at 86400. The other thing I noticed is that the none of the ESX hosts show any Real Memory for some reason.

cpuovercommit1 cpuovercommit2 cpuovercommit3

You can try with the code that is in the Master branch, we have already solved this error

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Thanks for the info. Sounds like it’s a known problem then. Any idea when this update will hit release so I can update via yum? I’m pretty stuck at the moment and can’t release this new install to production until this problem is fixed. I’m currently running

Thanks a lot

You can avoid using Sunstone and try to update host template directly from command line via onehost update $ID, adjust RESERVED_CPU and RESERVED_MEM attributes. See: http://docs.opennebula.io/5.12/operation/host_cluster_management/numa.html#cpu-pinning-and-overcommitment