Creating a qcow2 empty datablock image

Hi guys,

I’m trying something for the first time (had no use for that until now): I want to create an empty datablock image as qcow2 image on a nfs backed shared filesystem. select qcow2 as a driver, but still the image is created as raw and the machine cannot boot.

Am I doing something wrong or is that for some reason (thats at least not clear to me) expected behaviour?

i’m creating the image with:
oneimage create -d datastore01 --name empty_datablock --type datablock --persistent --prefix vd --driver qcow2 --disk_type file --size 307200

hi Armin,

it took a while to figure this out, but I think you also need to set fstype to qcow2 to get all qcow2-functionality, like snapshotting. If you dont specify it, it will default to raw. One will complain about not being able to boot using qcow2 with a raw image.

With fstype and driver set to qcow2, we end with an image that can use all features like snapshots etc.



I found it out like 15 minutes ago, by carefully reading the documentation.

@Opennebula: Maybe this could be pointed out more clearly in the documentation. Also the tooltips in sunstone that would explain it are only shown partly on a 1920 x 1080 px screen (at least on linux with firefox)