Volatile disk Image - SWAP


I just want to ask what setting I should change in order to force volatile disks to be created as QCOW2 image and not RAW disk images. Currently when I add Volatile disk to VM it’s created as RAW disk.



Through Sunstone, you can define this change by assigning QCOW2 in the advanced section when you are going to create the images, specifically the “Image Mapping driver” zone.

this does not work, I can select qcow2 in Image Mapping driver in advanced settings while creating volatile disk (swap) but it will get created as RAW.

qemu-img info disk.4 (this disk is that volatile disk)
image: disk.4
file format: raw
virtual size: 2.0G (2147483648 bytes)
disk size: 129K

I am running 5.0.2 but I didn’t seen any bug reported related to this.
Any suggestions ?

Is it possible that volatile disk of type SWAP can’t be QCOW2 and have to be RAW ?

You can change this in the advanced section when you are going to create the image, you can choose the Filesystem Format

I dont have anything like Filesystem Format in advanced section. Can you post ScreenShot pls ?

Sorry, into normal section, you don’t need to open the advanced section.

I am talking about Disk type SWAP :slight_smile: and when you select SWAP there is no Filesystem format.

Ok, this option is not possible because a DISK of type SWAP is a only a filesystem and his FORMAT is RAW. We don’t use QCOW2 because this format is a container and we would also need to create his file system inside.

If you want that we study the possibilty to add this new feature, you can open an issue in our github.