Question about the volatile disk XML consistency

Hello Developers,

While syncing our addon with 4.14 I am stuck at this case:
The volatile disks are created with

.../tm/<mad>/mkimage <size> <format> <location> <VM_ID> <DS_ID>

For type ‘FS’ when format is populated (ext3,ext4,etc.) in the onevm XML DISK/FORMAT element exists and mkimage is called with populated value as format.

If the format is empty - when you want to attach raw disk, the mkimage is called with format=raw but in the onevm XML there is no FORMAT=raw element. Is this expected behavior and if there is no element can I always assume default to ‘raw’?

I am not sure is it a bug or something I am missing, so I am opening discussion here instead of the dev portal.

Kind Regards,
Anton Todorov