Creating VXLAN networks without vlan tag

I would like to create a VXLAN overlay between my opennebula hypervisors without using VLAN tags. However, the sunstone GUI does not allow me to specify a new vxlan network without a VLAN ID.

What I envision is a handful of VNI’s, each one represented by a separate bridge in the hypervisor, and each with an associated vxlan tunnel that is connected to the bridge for that VNI. Is this arrangement possible in opennebula?

I’d rather not use VLAN tags to as service delimiters between segments - I’d rather just have a different VNI for each segment. Is this a use case that can be accommodated in opennebula?


It may be a bit misleading, the actual use and semantics of VLAN ID depends on the driver, for 802.1q is the VLAN tag, but for VXLAN driver it is actually de VNI. So yes, the setup that you describe resembles that infrastructure setup by the driver, each bridge create a link in the form

ip link add eth0.210 type vxlan id <VLAN_ID>...

Then you can use evpn or multicasting as described in the docs.