Disaster: How ONE KVM VLAN tagging can be performed with virt-manager?


In a disaster recovery situation, we struggle to perform the same VLAN networking manually with KVM virt-manager that ONE (5.0) is doing with the 802.1Q network driver.

ONE creates a VLAN-tagged onebr.10 bridge and attaches it to the host’s eno3 interface in trunk mode. Works perfectly.

When I want to do the same thing with virt-manager, I struggle with these questions (see virt-manager procedures):

  1. What network mode to use : NAT, [[Routed]], [Open], Isolated, SR-IOV pool ? Routed, or Open represents best what ONE is doing ?
  2. When adding a NIC to the VM, what Network source to use: Bridge (which one), Virtual network, Host device, Specify a shared device name ?

Thank you for any guidance in the disaster recovery situation.

It would probably be better to run to the network related commands on the virtualization node since what OpenNebula does, is to connect from the FE to the node as oneadmin and run the commands.

The VM log located at /var/log/one/<vm_id>.log or the corresponding tab on Sunstone VM section shows the commands run by the networking drivers. In the command arguments are a combination of variables related to VM, network and NIC ID. You can check this file for the exact code run by the 802.1Q driver.