Database cleanup after Federation Bug #5432

Hello all,
we are having a bit of a problem with our Opennebula cluster. We enable a week ago a Federation between two datacenters and because of the bug #5432 ( our database table logdb.ibd went from 1Gb to 35Gb. We follow the advice on the bug report (set the server_id to 0) and the table stopped growing.
We would like to run a cleanup on this table to bring down the database size.
Does anyone knows how to achieve this?

Thanks for your help!

Steps to reproduce:
Enable Federation with server_id = -1 and check the database size.

Current results:
Database went from 1Gb to 35Gb in a short period of time.

Expected results:
Database to grow as expected and not out of control and to be able to cleanup the table after this error.