Logdb.ibd is 200G

Was trying to backup my db (mysql) and noticed that it was huge, I starting digging around and the logdb.ibd (which corolates to the logdb table, is over 200G in size on disk. I did a ondb purge and onedb purge-history to no avail. What can I do to make this table smaller, I don’t even have enough disk space to back up the DB right now.

I had the same issue. Migrating to opennebula 5.6.0 fix some things and purge old log.

Also, you can truncate the database, that’s just monitoring…
At some point, I had removed old entries with a script in a cron (yes… I know…)


I was finally able to get it to shutdown mysql cleanly so I could do a cold backup. I ended up just truncating the table, and then doing the upgrade. I had read 5.6 fixed some of the issues related to this, but was reticent to do the upgrade without any real upgrade.


I’m glad you’ve found a work around.
For me, the upgrade from 5.4.6 to 5.6.0 was really painless : fast and efficient. They have good documentation.