Datastore REPLICA_HOST requires Host's "Name" to be an ip address

Hi All!

I’m testing how REPLICA_HOST of a DataStore references the host to be used.
I want to understand how do OpenNebula finds if “tar” or “cp” shuld be user when copying the image frm the replica to the target host of a new VM.

As far as I could check:

  • The Name (not the HOSTNAME nor the NAME) must be the IP of the host.
  • REPLICA_HOST can reffer either to this IP or the hostname of the host.
  • Anything else in the Name will get OpenNebula finding the different hosts are used. Thus io will force a ssh copy even from a host to itself.

Is this the expected behavior?


Yes, looks like you found a glitch, REPLICA_HOST actually does not take the HOSTNAME attribute of the host into account.