Debian 11 Packages availibility date


I was wondering about the availibility date of packages for Debian 11 Bullseye ?

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We are planning to release Debian 11 packages for 6.2.0, They should be available for Beta 2 release, this week or beginning of the next week.


Can OpenNebular 6.2 be installed on Debian 11 / Bullseye? The documentation only mentions Debian 10.

Yes, it can. Thanks for the heads up. The documentation was missing the repository update, it should be corrected soon.

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Thanks @tinova that’s great, regarding the Node version, the documentation currently says that Node version 12 should be used, can a newer version be used?

For Ansible and Terraform the documentation has:

Ansible and Terraform can be also installed from packages if their versions are Ansible 2.9.x and Terraform 0.14.x .

I was wondering if the Debian Bullseye version of Ansible, 2.10, can be used and also if Terraform 1.0.x or 0.15.x can be used?

OpenNebula is certified in Debian11 with the available package versions in the platform, so you should be good to go with the available Bullseye Ansible version.

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