- VirtEngine

On main site I found new partner - with VirtEngine.
How he got there without demo, normal installation instructions, etc. I tried to try this product for two weeks, but without result. I talked with the developer and looked for information on the Internet. All I’ve found is one discus and one video. There are no demonstrations, etc. The latest information is very old.
I would like to know - did someone use this product or is it just a fraud?

P.S. The product description sounds great and I’m ready to pay, but as you can see, there’s nothing to pay for.


The project in not being developed as they an out of money. We just wasted 2 days and countless emails with the developer and he could not get it working as the documentation does not provide the complete information to get it installed. We could not get past the login screen and provided access to the developer and he logged into our VM and still no working solution. Now we told him we will simply build our own and we haven’t heard from him since.

They also cannot provide any details on any other company using it in production which leads me to believe that it is no longer being developed and is simply a half complete project. We were also told that the Opensource version has a vulnerability which is not disclosed on their website and that hidden fact should speak volumes about how he runs his operation.