Interface for Hosting Providers who would like to use OpenNebula as the base

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If any hoster would like to use OpenNebula as the hosting platform, they would like to showcase an interface for the customers for signing up and selecting the services that the hoster is going to offer. So, the hosting provider needs an interface with User Signup, Billing and selecting the Infrastructure like Virtual Machine’s hardware details like No of Cores, RAM, HDD etc., and once provisioning is completed, it should be able to send a mail to the user.

Is there any module which does the above either for free or paid?

Versions of the related components and OS (frontend, hypervisors, VMs):

Hypervisor - KVM

VMs: 1000s
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Support in this regard needed

Hey Ravi,

We have been utilizing OpenNebula as the back-end of our Cloud Platform called VirtEngine.

VirtEngine integrates with WHMCS for billing, supports hourly / and VDC Resource billing for customers.

You can connect VirtEngine to multiple separate OpenNebula installations as well as utilize Docker/Rancher Containers on Bare-metal.

You can create custom application images in VirtEngine, to deploy in Virtual Machines - as an example we already support any Bitnami image found here:

VirtEngine is majorly open source and the source code can be found on our VirtEngine GitHub

I try setup VirtEngine 3 times but nothing succeeded. Non-working product, poor support. Can not be used in production. No one has ever seen it work.

Hey Anton,

The setup is slightly tricky, but here’s the end-result of the product in action:

Product presentation in 2 minute accelerated video? Are you seriously?

P.S. I read more info about VirtManager. You can not do anything and show for several years, although you are trying to advertise an unknown product on the forums. No one has ever seen a working demonstration. You promise only for a few years. Especially since I tried what you propose - it’s a non-working product!

It’s not a product presentation, it’s simply a video of VirtEngine being used to deploy Wordpress/Ghost blog in a few clicks inside OpenNebula.

You can see from the video that it is operating just fine, if you contact you will get the latest installation instructions to reproduce the same results.