Looking for some feedback/testers on a site we have setup using Opennebula

Hi Guys,

** First things first this is not a Sales pitch at all

I have been working for the past 6 to 8 months in my spare time designing and building a Cloud provisioning platform that uses Opennebula as its core provisioning platform.

It started off as something me and my friend started setting up when we found Opennebula originally and basically started using it, we loved it.

We looked initially at using WHMCS for provisioning via Opennebula as there was a module which handled all the billing etc. but after numerous attempts at trying to get in touch with the developer we though we would give it a shot on our own.

The end result is:

Splash Page - Splash Page
Client Portal
Cloud/Opennebula Login - The opennebula Login

We initially had this in a lab setup but ave since installed physical Kit in a data-center in the UK.

We use PHP as the backend for the web server and this passes the XML RPC calls to the Sunstone XML RPC API.

We have an additional Application server we have built which handles the creation of the Networking firewall elements such as Ipsec VPN’s NAT port forwards etc. all using a REST API with the firewall Vendor.

Web server is passing API call’s to the APP server which is a Python Flask service.

We have managed to automate the deployment of Virtual Firewall’s (PFSense) using the combination of these 2 API’s.

We have used the Showback function to display hourly rates and bill per day for each user
Suspend users if their balance drops after a bill cycle.

users get access to their Private network via a remote access Ipsec Vpn tunnel

We have setup a support portal where users can raise simple tickets if need be.

Users can:

Assign resource upon request - Amends their quota
View their VM usage and cost
Deploy Linux VM’s
Depoy virtual Firewall’s
Setup site to site Ipsec Tunnels
Setup NAT rules
Add additional extras
Raise a support ticket

We have spent a long time on this and are looking to go live with it and hopefully grow this, its all self funded at the minute so any customers we get on board would be going towards growing the platform.

As a lot of the help I have recieved has been through this forum I was wondering if anyone would want to test it out and try and break it really.

I am a network and security engineer by trade so a lot of effort has gone into securing the network piece and the Coding side has always been a hobby of mine.

If anyone is interested and would be willing to test it out / have a look / try and break it then please let me know, I can set you an account up and topup your balance so you can use it for free whilst you test.

Thanks again guys for the support this forum has given it really is appreciated.