Different traffic limits per VM or user


Can VMs (or interfaces) be limited/capped in OpenNebula?
Say I would like to set a VM limit to 10TB/month
or user’s all VMs limit to 20TB/month

I only found a way to summarize traffic roughly via command line:
oneacct -u 2 -s 08/01 -e 09/01 | a_summarize.sh
A cron job could run it daily and for example suspend VM that reached its limits (saved in a separate file) but this will be quite external approach.

Is there anyone who uses monthly traffic limits and can sketch his implementation?

Again, I do not want to set speed limit or burst on an interface - this is not QoS. Just a monthly total traffic limit (incoming + outgoing).

BTW there are nice graphs for resource usage of CPU, disk space, RAM usage in User- Settings - Accounting but not for Network usage.

Thank you


did you find the answer for this? i’m curious as well.