Bandwidth limit


How I can limit bandwidth for a running VM?

You can do this under the virtual network of course this will do so for all the VMs sharing that network.

It’s detailed here

I personally would do so on an upstream device also e.g. limit the virtual network to something reasonable , then for specific VM’s use your upstream device e.g. router / firewall and apply QoS / shaping for that one source IP.

In fact just read it myself properly it turns out the QoS settings in opennebula are applied to each nic (e.g. each VM) so if you throttle to 10mb this will be applied to each VM which is using that virtual network

##from the doc
This set of attributes limit the bandwidth of each NIC attached to the Virtual Network. Note that the limits are applied to each NIC individually and are not averaged over all the NICs (e.g. a VM with two interfaces in the same network).

Thanks for the information provided.
The restriction works, but only for new virtual servers.

This does not apply to existing servers.