Disable persistence capability


When one of my users create a image of an VM, they can enable the “persistente” switch. But that make a Image and a Template of the machine (I want only the image).

Is any way to disable that switch in a view, an ACL…?


I’ve seen that:
> Make the Images Non-Persistent
> If a Template is meant to be consumed by end-users, its Images should not be persistent. A persistent Image can only be used by one VM simultaneously, and the next user will find the changes made by the previous user.
> If the users need persistent storage, they can use the “instantiate to persistent” functionality.
But, how can I disable the persistent capability to a template?



The ‘instantiate to persistent’ switch cannot be disabled at the moment. Please open a feature request at http://dev.opennebula.org and we’ll consider it for the future releases.