Disable websockify web socket proxy in sunstone

Is it possible to turn off the websocket proxies for VNC altogether.
This feature does not work for us anyway and our security team wants us to shut it off.
How do we get the websocketproxy.py to not run at all? Can it be done by changing the sunstone-server.conf?
If so, how?

This is a question of some urgency, would appreciate a quick reply.

Steve Timm

I see that the service is started in the sunstone init script and if I comment it out there, (sunstone-novnc)
that would make it not start. Would this break sunstone if I did that?
The vnc-based console isn’t working for me anyway even with it up.

You can use suntone-server start-sunstone

sunstone-server is a bash script that starts both process you can take a
look and set the init process to suit your needs