Question about a generic websocket proxy in Sunstone


I don’t know if this feature is already implemented or provided in some way, at this moment is possible trough Sunstone and a noVNC websocket proxy to connect from the Sunstone endpoint to the hyp VNC service.

The question is, it would be possible to include a generic websocket proxy to connect to a generic service provided by the VM using sunstone server as endpoint?

We make this question because most of our VMs have private IPs and some of our external users do not have direct access to our network, the only public service provided to them is the Sunstone service.

The idea is to provide a generic proxy, for example, to enable ssh connections to private IPs to those users… in a similar way that wstunnel or websockify do but for ssh or another tcp service.

Maybe for these VMs Sunstone could show an extra button similar to SPICE/VNC one to display the generic proxy endpoint like ssh -o ProxyCommand="wstunnel -c -t stdio:%h:%p https://wstserver" user@sshdestination or something similar…

Maybe the extra proxy could be requested from the VM template as we do for onegate or vnc services… what do you think? do you have another way to implement this from Sunstone? anyone else is interested on this feature?

Cheers and thanks