Disk snapshot fails on live VMs


I’m trying to snapshot the disk of a live VM, but it fails with:

Error creating new disk snapshot: Cannot perform a live DISKSNAPSHOTCREATE operation

Any way to convince it to snapshot a live disk, I’m perfectly happy with a crash consistent disk snapshot.
I’m using local storage, qcow2 files.

Hello @Lucian

Please check that your combination is available in this file /etc/one/vmm_exec/vmm_execrc.

Seems like it is:

LIVE_DISK_SNAPSHOTS=“kvm-qcow2 kvm-ceph”

What now?

I need the output of onevm show <VM_ID> -x and onedatastore list -x.

Sure, here:


The VM output is not in xml, so I can’t see all the information. Please, provide it in xml format with -x flag in the command.

Sure, here it is: