Ec2 get instance tags?

I’ve created an instance by using boto3 client via ec2, and added a name to the instance via tags functionality

In sunstone i can see that an attribute called EC2_TAGS was created:

But if i try to retrieve instance via the same boto3, tags are not returned:

               <productCodes />
               <clientToken />

Is this functionality not implemented?

Ok, so it seems that this feature is not implemented, thought it’s not hard to patch:


  <% if vm.has_elements?("USER_TEMPLATE/EC2_TAGS") %>
        <% vm_hash = vm.to_hash %>
        <% vm_hash["VM"]["USER_TEMPLATE"]["EC2_TAGS"].each do |key, value| %>
                <key><%= key %></key>
                <value><%= value %></value>
        <% end %>
  <% end %>

Can i create an issue or pull request somewhere?

Send a PR on github please :slight_smile: