Edit user's groups in Sunstone

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I have found two distinct UI errors in Sunstone when editing user’s group list:

  1. I have user with primary group “1: users”, and I want to assign him to a secondary group.

I open System -> Users -> that_user page in Sunstone, and select the Groups tab. I see “users” in the “Primary group” section, and also as the only group in the “Secondary groups” section. Now I click on blue “Edit”. The “Secondary groups” section now contains the list of all groups, with “users” group line highlighted (as expected), but the displayed “Primary group” is now “oneadmin” instead of “users”.

This means that when do not change anything and just click on “Apply changes”, the user gets assigned to the “oneadmin” group as his primary and the only secondary group.

  1. Another problem occurs when I try to fix the above situation, click on Edit again, change the primary group to “Users”, uncheck the “oneuser” group from the list of secondaries, and add “users” there instead: After “Apply changes”, I get the following error:

[one.user.delgroup] Cannot remove user from the primary group

But in fact, the user is now back in the “users” group and also has this group in the list of secondaries.

I think that after “Edit”, the present group should be displayed instead of “oneadmin”. Furthermore, when modifying both primary and secondary groups, the changes should be made in the correct order instead of attempting to remove the user from its primary group.



Hello @Yenya,

You’re right. I’ve opened a report in OpenNebula readmine for resolve both errors.


Thanks for your help!
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