How to show on sunstone the group to which the user belongs?


Is it possible to configure Sunstone in order to besides the login user it also appears the group to which the user belongs?

I don’t know if this change can be implemented through the yaml files on the sunstone-views, if it is necessary to modify some of the plugins on /usr/lib/one/sunstone/public/js/plugins/ or if it is not possible to make it.

This can be useful if an user belongs to different groups, so if the user changes between between groups, he/she always can see with what group he/she is operating by seeing the group used on the sunstone in the same way that it is showed the login user.

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This is currently not supported, but I think it would be useful to include it. I have opened a ticket to consider it for future releases.

Thank you

Hi @dmolina,

Thank you very much for letting us know.

Could you please send us the link to the ticket so we can follow it? :smile:

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Thank you very much Daniel @dmolina !!