Editing/defining user groups

Hi all.
New user here.

I have just finished my import of a test environment and are now fidling with rights. I got my head around the GUI stuff but I am a novice when going to the CLI.

I would like to change the use, manage, admin groups … I would like to make poweron/off/reboot a VM available for the use group but not the delete/terminate command.
How would I accomplish this? The dokumecation is a bit vague on this and chmod seems more towards assigning the groups …not defining them.


Hi SalSolo!

If you want to forbid these actions for all normal users, you can disable this into oned.conf:

VM_MANAGE_OPERATIONS = “undeploy, hold, release, stop, suspend, resume, reboot,
poweroff, disk-attach, nic-attach, disk-snapshot, terminate, disk-resize,
snapshot, updateconf, rename, resize, update, disk-saveas”


Or, if you want to forbid these actions for a specific group, you can create an ACL.

Juan Jose

oned.conf sounds like the right way to go - now I just need to figure out how to access and edit that file :slight_smile:Thank you.

You need look for your oned.conf file, normally this file are in:


Else, you can use the command FIND for find the file (oned.conf)

After, you need to edit this file as root and look for VM_MANAGE_OPERATIONS or VM_USE_OPERATIONS, and remove or add the actions that you want allow and forbid.

For Example:

VM_MANAGE_OPERATIONS = “ stop, suspend, resume”

with these options you only allow these manage operations.

Juan Jose

I found the file, learned basic VI commands and got the file edited and saved. Appliance has been rebooted just to be sure.
However I still don’t get the desired effect :frowning:My user cannot reboot a VM because of missing user rights.

I have attached my oned.conf file. What am I missing?

I have exactly the same need and I edited oned.conf file, but still users with USE right are not able to reboot the VM. I’m using vOneCloud 3.4.
VM_USE_OPERATIONS=“reboot, poweroff, resume”

UPDATE: If someone still looking for solution - you need to remove actions you have added to VM_USE_OPERATIONS from VM_MANAGE_OPERATIONS