Trying to give recover operation to MANAGE permission


I’m trying to give the ability to perform recover operations to the MANAGE permission. I’ve modified the /etc/oned.conf to have this:

VM_ADMIN_OPERATIONS = “migrate, delete, retry, deploy, resched”

VM_MANAGE_OPERATIONS = “undeploy, hold, recover, release, stop, suspend, resume, reboot,
poweroff, disk-attach, nic-attach, disk-snapshot, terminate, disk-resize,
snapshot, updateconf, rename, resize, update, disk-saveas”


Services have been restarted.

But Sunstone is still complaining about the need of ADMIN on VM:

[one.vm.recover] User [3] : Not authorized to perform ADMIN VM [328].

Is there something else to do ?

How can we do that ? allowing a user to delete-recreate a VM? Or is there any other way to recreate from scratch a VM with one click like the delete-recreate in the recover menu ?