Permissions for normal users


what is the reason why normal users are not permitted to perform recover actions on their own VMs? And what do I have to do to change that?


No idea so far? I would really like to allow all users to delete their own VMs, because if they use “Terminate” to end a VM, but the soft shutdown hangs for some reason, there is no way left for normal users to remove their own VM. And I would like to know if there are good security reasons why not to allow it.

Recover is an admin operation. Once installed it should not be needed to use the recover operations. You can use terminate --hard, to perform a hard shutdown.

Note that the recover --delete is totally async operation that may leave unfreed resources or may lead to race conditions in the drivers under certain circumstances.

terminate --hard cannot be used to perform a hard shutdown after the user already used terminate (without --hard) for a soft shutdown, but the soft shutdown hangs. At least in sunstone, “Terminate hard” is disabled after “Terminate” has been executed.