Error creating Host on openNebula Sunstone

I’m new to OpenNebula and i have problem when attempting to create a host, weather it was through the sunstone GUI or through the command line.
*in the GUI it gives me an Error Status for the created host.
*in the command line when i write this command “onehost create localhost -i kvm -v kvm -n dummy”, it gives me this message “[HostAllocate] User couldn’t be authenticated, aborting call.”

Can anyone help me with this please.

Hi @Amri_Sabrine,

This may be a ssh configuration issue.
Check your authorized_keys and know_hosts file. You can also check if your sunstone user has your ssh public key here:



thanks @AbelC for your reply, but would you please give me more details about how to solve this ? because it’s the first time i use all this OpenNebula and virtualization things

Hi @A.Sabrine,

Opennebula uses ssh protocol. This allows you to communicate with a remote host. I imagine to test opennebula you use localhost. You need the file authorized_keys with your shh public key. So one recognizes your actions.

Here are the steps to follow:

I hope it helps you.
Thanks for using opennebula.


thanks @AbelC i will follow the steps and see what will happen

after looking at the link that you @AbelC gave me, i see that it shows the steps to manually configurating SSH, but the problem is that i already followed the documentation given by the openNebula.org” and it includes already an SSH public key configuration (Section 1.5. Configure SSH Public Key, page 58). So i still don’t know what’s exactly missing.

Hi @A.Sabrine,

You may not have a user created. Check it with ‘oneuser list’. Check your one_auth file too.

If you have not got a user:
echo “oneadmin:mypassword” > var/lib/.one/one_auth

Here you can view the steps to Sunstone installation:

This post can also help you:

I hope this can help you.