Host Creation Issue

Hi Team,
I am trying to make Host in Opennebula, but I am getting the error:
Error (170.4 KB)

Initializing (150.8 KB)

i checked the log file too. log file is as follows:
Error1 (241.8 KB)

Please Suggest.

Error2 (157.3 KB)

Error3 (249.5 KB)

Hi Team,
I am trying to make Host in Opennebula, but I am getting the error. log File is as follows:

Please Suggest.


you must be able to log in as oneadmin user from Host A to every other host (including Host A itself). The same goes for every other host.
How to do this is described here:

I hope this solves your problem.


Thanks Bernhard…
Just a small confusion about this line:

Do I have to copy this directory for the FRONTEND i.e. server also? or only for the nodes as mentioned.

I did only for the nodes, but if I do ssh FRONTEND then I am getting this error:

where is my node and is my FRONTEND i.e. server.

Please Suggest.

you have problem with ssh it is not about opennebula now
make sure that has user oneadmin and openssh-server installed
forget now about opennebula script
when u ask ssh it should make connection and ask you for password

Respected Ghaleb,

As suggested, I have installed openssh-server and oneadmin account is already created, but still I am facing the same issue. Connection refused for

Please Suggest

let now think as u just want to shh
first should be reached try to ping
and when u try make ssh from
it same as ssh oneadmin@ so user oneadmin should be exist on 131 and openssh-server install
make sure the firewall if exist allowe port 22 ssh port

Respected Ghaleb, is reachable from Following is the screenshot of when tried to ping to

And when I try to make ssh from, following comes:

Firewall for frontend i.e. and node i.e. are off.
User oneadmin exists on Moreover I am able to add hosts too. i have added two machines as hosts and and these two are up.

I think automatically SSH Passwordless is not working. I have added manual keys as suggested by Mr. Bernhard above:

But how I can configure auto SSH Passwordless? Also how to configure frontend and nodes so as I can ssh from ?

if ssh passwordless field ssh will not stop it just will ask for password
try ssh oneadmin@ i think same error will face but just make sure
first let access the fronend with password than will make it passwordless

I tried doing ssh oneadmin@ from (node) and I got the same response:

Please guide.

post your
cat /etc/passwd form

what you mean add host if you mean change /etc/hosts it is nothing about ssh now later we need it since opennebula talk with host not with ip

cat /etc/passwd form

Please Suggest.

you are new in linux cat /etc/passwd from
or i miss to said my point
go to server or node and give out put of cat /etc/passwd

Apologies Ghaleb. Yes, I am new to Linux.
Find below the desired output of the server

i cant see why you cant access maybe
More than one computer on the network has the same IP as the server causing an IP conflict
Wrong username or your credentials have been revoked
and you dont try
it not easy to run opennebula

Respected Ghaleb Ji,

I am able to run opennebula. I think you took the case in some other direction.
My query is I am not able to ssh (frontend), whereas I am able to ssh to all the nodes. I am not sure if this is required or this happens this way only?

sure it reuired
try arping
this will tell you if there is more than one pc with same ip
it is network issue or issue with

Yes Ghaleb Ji.
So My problem is I am not able to ssh (frontend), whereas I am able to ssh to all the nodes. I am getting ‘connection refused’ when I do ssh from Node to server.

As suggested, I tried performing arping, and I got the following output:

After this nothing happens. I waited for more than 30 minutes.