Failed to Switch Scheduler Interval in oned.conf during Minione Installation

Hello OpenNebula community,

I’m currently installing Minione, and I encountered an error: “Switching scheduler interval in oned.conf FAILED.”


  1. Configuration:
  • OpenNebula version.
  • Relevant oned.conf configuration (related to scheduler interval).
  1. Steps Taken:
  • Specific steps followed to change the scheduler interval.
  1. Error Messages:
  • Full error messages received during the failed configuration change.

Please paste the following information

  • the arguments you passed to minione when installing it if any
  • the full command line output of the minione install process
  • the distro where you installed minione

The error itself is this command failing aug_set SCHED_INTERVAL 10 /etc/one/sched.conf which is trying to alter a configuration file.

You can also try and run minione with bash -xv to get verbose bash debug output.

Thank you, Daniel! I’m encountering an error related to starting OpenNebula services, and I’m seeking assistance on how to resolve it. Any insights or guidance would be greatly appreciated! “Starting OpenNebula services FAILED”