File names in FILES_DS globally unique?


are the file names in the Files datastore globally unique? I would like to be able to tell my users to create their own “unattend.xml” file for Windows instantiation, and then add it to the context section of the template they plan to use, but it seems that only one user can create a file named “unattend.xml” in the FILES_DS. And there is probably no way how to configure the FILES_DS file to be added and renamed to the context ISO file.

Am I right? If so, how can each user have his own “unattend.xml”?



Image names are not globally unique, and in general in OpenNebula names are
not globally unique. Each user defines a namespace for objects images,
networks, templates, vms…

FILES_DS="$FILE[IMAGE_ID=34] $FILE[IMAGE=\"unattend.xml\"
$FILE[IMAGE=\"unattend.xml\", IMAGE_UNAME=\"the_owner\""

This would select:

  • A global file, ID=34
  • File unattend.xml from the user that creates the VM
  • File unattend.xml from user “the_owner”



you are right, thanks for the explanation.