Find user location after created on OpenNebula

Let me know,
I can not see user location after created at openenbula sunstone.
how can I check on Redhat 8.7.

Hello @kyaw_swar_hein!

When you create users in Sunstone, API or CLI they are added to the OpenNebula database, so technically they are created there. Please take a look at this documentation page manage-your-own-user.

I’m not sure what you mean by “user location”, do you mean a system user created inside running Linux OS? If so, then users created in OpenNebula are not the same as system users created inside your running OS. Could you clarify what you mean? :thinking:


How can check user location?
I can not find by using below [ /etc/passwd]
Please kindly share to me for this case.

Hi @kyaw_swar_hein.

As I mentioned before, you won’t find these users in /etc/passwd, these are not system users (that you create with useradd or adduser) → Managing Users — OpenNebula 6.6.2 documentation

A user in OpenNebula is defined by a username and a password. You don’t need to create a new Unix account in the front-end for each OpenNebula user, they are completely different concepts.

Also please take a look at possible auth methods → Authentication Configuration — OpenNebula 6.6.2 documentation. For example, your ldap users are defined in your Active Directory server. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your support and help.
I would to mention that highlight red is create from Active Directory (AD Server) which user account store in AD Server and also highlight yellow color is create from OpenNebula Portal which is store location.
I don’t clear to understand which location on OpenNebula.

Hello @kyaw_swar_hein,

I believe the answer can be found here. :thinking:

OpenNebula comes with an internal user/password way of authentication, this is called core .

In the OpenNebula database there are two values saved for every user, this is username and password . When the driver used for authentication is core (authenticated without an external auth driver) the password value holds the SHA256 hash of the user’s password.

So those users from the yellow box on your screenshot are defined and managed internally in OpenNebula inside the SQL database. :+1: :slight_smile: