Get set up on 5.12 to deploy Docker images from Marketplace

Is there a doc or walkthrough on how to get started with this? I keep having permission problems and failures with images not copying to the datastore, not able to connect to the docker daemon, etc.

I haven’t yet found anything referring to which docker engine to install (on the frontend? the KVM or LXD nodes?) and if I need to do something to give ONE permissions to use docker on the host(s). I installed docker-machine-opennebula on the frontend but I’m not sure what it’s doing.

— EDIT ----

I watched the tutorial on the popular video hosting website “OpenNebula - Using the Docker Hub Marketplace” but it mentions deploying Docker hub containers to a Firecracker hypervisor. Do I have to use Firecracker? I don’t have anything against it, but I’d like to be able to just use my KVM or LXD nodes, with the native docker engine- is it possible?

Hello @christaylor,

Maybe this can be helpful to you: Docker Hub Permissions Question

Regarding running Docker images as LXD containers, you should be able to do that too… In the recording of our webinar with Canonical back in June you’ll find a demo showing precisely that (~44’25’’): :wink:

Thanks for sending the webinar link - I will check it out.

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