Getting kernel panic while booting from ISO in Opennebula 6.6 ?

Opennebula version - 6.6, hosted in RHEL 9.1 and using libvirt.

I am able to spin up VM’s using the images available in OpenNebula Apps Store. Everything works fine.

But When I tried to create custom image using ISO (RHEL9.1) file, while booting the OS I am getting kernel Panic error.

Here are the steps I have performed.

  1. Images → Create → Type (Readonly CD Rom) → Uploaded RHEL ISO
  2. similar created another empty disk as Generic Datablock storage & Bus selected Virtio.
  3. Created template using these two images, and Selected CD ROM as first boot.
  4. While booting up, I am getting linux installationation screen ( install Redhat linux, Test this media options)
  5. Tried with Install & Test this media both, but both are getting kernel panic error.

Seeking community help here to solve this issue.