HA for VPSs across GEO distant datacenters for noob tutorial?


i am not yet OpenNebula user and i am Linux newbie in networking. Are there any simple tutorials on how to achieve following? (if that is possible)

To have two or three dedicated linux servers in a cloud, all servers have HW or SW raid and two or three of them have /28 IPv4 subnets, one server in USA, other EU, other Asia. Rented from different companies.

I want to have high available virtual servers (KVM virtualization based maybe), each VPS its own public IPv4 which should be fixed no matter where the VPS fail over, VPSs will host frequently updated database like MySQL, so the data sync in cloud would have to be good.

To setup this whole cloud, i would need very noob friendly tutorial and automated scripts/tools to ease the setup. Is there anything like that ? Usually the tutorials contains information writen for experienced system admins, and i know minimum so it would take me weeks to setup something that may work and then i would be unsure if it is stable and repeatable. My main concern are the tools that would maximally simplify and speedup the whole setup including the IP failover part where i will use IPs from different providers and VPSs needs fixed IPs that will point to a VPS no matter from where is served. I do not know how this all is named.