Help with mouse pointer lag

I have installed a windows 2012 server and the mouse pointer has lag, how can I fix it? I already updated operating system packages but it continues in the same way

Hi Paul,

To fix this you need to add an input device USB Tablet remove USB Mouse if you have this.
This will make the VNC experience a lot better.

I had the same frustrating issue, turns out its not Opennebula’s implementation of NoVNC, if your using the GUI add like below.

Answer from Kanaka

Ah, you’re using QEMU. The mouse grab relatvie/absolute problem is actually a common issue with using QEMU and VNC. The problem is that in default mode, QEMU uses a PS/2 compatible mouse driver which only sends relative mouse movements to the OS. But the VNC server in QEMU doesn’t actually know where the OS thinks the cursor is located
so the best it can do is translate the absolute mouse events from the VNC client into relative movements. The same problem exists for any virtualization system that allows a non-captured mouse mode.

The suggested solution is to use a mouse driver the supports absolute positioning. The problem with that is that your guest OS must support it:

qemu --usbdevice tablet ...