High Availability for Compute (Hypervisor) nodes

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I have one question about High Availability for Compute (Hypervisor) nodes.
If I have some ESXi compute nodes or KVM compute nodes and we need high availability for these nodes in case one of these nodes fails, what will provide high availability for these compute nodes? OpenNebula provides or the hypervisor itself provides?

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Khiet Manh

Hi @tkmanh
Read here about hooks http://docs.opennebula.org/4.12/integration/infrastructure_integration/hooks.html#hooks-for-hosts
In case of node failure, hook script can recover it.

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Hi thomasalrin,

Thank you for your information. I still have 3 more questions:

  1. Is Hook available in OpenNebula free or it requires additional cost?
  2. Does it support both KVM and ESXi compute?
  3. For ESXi, if I use Hook, do I need vCenter for HA function?


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Hi Khiet Manh,
1. Opennebula is an opensource project. Hook is a feature of it. It doesn’t require additional cost.
2. I use KVM. Opennebula supports with this. I don’t know about EZXi compute.
3. Sorry, I don’t know about EZXi compute.