How can I create a new template from a virtual machine to clone?

Dear forum,

I am trying to create a new template for deploying later on virtual machines clone. For example:

1- Create a new machine, modify and convert to template.
2- Clone this template in new virtuals machines to use.

Is this possible?


You can only clone and modify templates. To my knowledge, there is no way to turn a VM back into a template.

We are working on it for one 4.14. Right now you need to do this manually:

1.- Create VM and customize it
2.- Save the target disks back to the snapshots (or alternatively shutdown
the VM if not needed)
3.- Set image as non-persistent
4.- Create a template using the image
5.- Create new virtual machines using this new template


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I have a ruby script which can generate a template from a VM. It’s intended to capture changes that were made to a running VM. (e.g. hot-added disks/network adapters). I’ll see what I can do about getting it open-sourced.

Thank you.

I will carry out this tip.