How to change the ONE logo on the VNC window?


We were modifying the Sunstone views last week to show our logo instead of the OpenNebula logo but I realized now that I am missing to change the ONE logo that it appears on the VNC window when you open the VNC console in a new window in order to have a extended view. Does anyone knows how to change this logo? Is it possible?

Also, it would be great to change it for the SDL/SPICE Graphics :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance,


The files you should check are:


Hi Daniel,

Thank you very much for your help :smile:

Indeed, I have changed the vnc.erb and spice.erb files to substitute the “images/one_small_logo.png” for our logo and now, it is showed our logo. Just to comment that it was not necessary to restart any service, as expected :smile: