Help with rebranding

i’m looking for 2 thing in branding
one is this :

i want to change the “sunstone”
the other is, how can i hide certain tabs?

for example the storage tab.
from what i’ve seen there isn’t a formal way to do it, but i don’t mind editing files manually, i just can’t find where to replace it among all the files used by the opennebula system (version 6.8.0)

thank you

Hi @Liorme !

So the rebranding of FireEdge Sunstone isn’t available in version 6.8 unfortunately, but will be included in 6.10, which is currently under development ( FireEdge Configuration — OpenNebula 6.9.80 documentation).

As for enabling/disabling certain tabs/sections/features and so on… this can all be controlled by modifying the corresponding YAML file for that tab, you can refer to the documentation for it here ( Sunstone Views — OpenNebula 6.9.80 documentation )

Best regards,

thank you
also, where can i set additional template logos? (for fireedge)
i found the folder, but not the file that points them