How to change the server's IP where VNC connects?

Hello! We are trying to implement VNC support on LXCoNe (VM and IM drivers for LXC). Our problem is that, in Sunstone, when you hit the VNC button, it tries to connect always to the node’s IP, looking for the VNC server. How can we change this? How can we change the IP address where VNC tries to connect? The idea is to connect it directly to a VNC server installed in a container, and not in the node.

Hi Sergio,

You can modify that in the following file. As you can see in the line 206 there is a condition for vcenter hosts where you have to use the ESX_HOST ip instead of the vcenter IP.

Hope this helps

Thanks, it worked. We modified the file, but we changed the line that says:
"host = vm_resource[’/VM/HISTORY_RECORDS/HISTORY[last()]/HOSTNAME’] "
for "host = vm_resource[’/VM/TEMPLATE/NIC/IP’]"
That changed the ip address where the vnc tries to connect