How to create VM in opennebula 5.0 API using xml rpc?

I need to create VM in opennebula 5.0.2 using xml rpc?what is the correct method one.vm.allocate or one.template.instantiate? what is the difference between two?

These are two different way two create a VM:

  • one.template.instantiate creates a new VM based on an existing template

  • one.vm.allocate creates a new VM but you need to provide all the information of the VM

They resemble the CLI usage:

$ onetemplate instantiate 5 (creates a VM from template 5)

$ onevm create --name the_vm --cpu 1 --memory 1024 --nic 2,3 --disk 1 --context yes …


please could you write an example with “one.template.instantiate” ? I have tried this but everting is wrong. I have created the Template. I know how create VM via web, but I have no idea how to create VM via python (one.template.instantiate).

Thank you


Hello @Xgery

You have an example here in the official documentation.

one.template.instantiate(0, "my_VM")


Hello @ahuertas

Thank you…