New VM from template with specified IP address

Hello guys,

i want to create (on the CLI) a virtual machine from a given template and like to add some informaton like:

  • virtual machine name
  • virtual network
  • one specific ip address of the virtual network ip pool

is there any way to create such a virtual machine? we are using OpenNebula in version 4.14.2.

thanks for you help and best regards

Tobi :slight_smile:

You can get all the parameters for instantiate with:

$ onetemplate instantiate --help

An example:

$ onetemplate instantiate centos7 --name --nic public:ip=,oneadmin[private]
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ok thanks a lot, it is working now… the syntax of this part was not correct in my tries and the example in

onetemplate instantiate --help

could not help me.