How to make cluster with 2 or 3 systems

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— Hi, I want to make clustering with 2 or 3 systems. Can anybody please tell me how to make with 2 different systems?
One more problem is there for me. My local VM OS is not getting the ip address. So how to assign ip address to that VM?

Versions of the related components and OS (frontend, hypervisors, VMs): I am using KVM hypervisor, opennebula 5.6

Steps to reproduce: Till now clustering was done in single system. But I want master-slave concept, So I can connect 2-3 systems through front end.

Current results: Clustering in single system is done. i.e front-end and host is configured in standalone mood.

Expected results: From one system I can operate all the VMs(located in different as well as local systems). Is there any youtube video to follow the steps?

Thank you in advance.