Recomendations to group "small clusters of VMs"


We have deployed a Opennebula installation with three nodes of 128Gb of RAM each and 40 cores.

The idea is to give students access to Sunstone and let them create groups of n VMs with the idea of create Clusters (One VM for “header” and three VM for “Worker” nodes).

For example, a student will have limited resources (4 cores, n RAM, 1 public IP and n private IP) and within this resources they have to recreate clusters (for example, Openstack, or Opennebula itself) so they learn and practice with installation and so on.

We are stuck in networking part:

We have created a private network, connected to a real bridge so VMs in different nodes can see themselves.


  • “Primary” VM has public IP assigned + private IP. That’s OK!
  • The other VMs (“worker nodes”) has only private network. That’s OK too.

But If we DON’T want Opennebula to assign IP to private networks because “Primary” VM will give DHCP/PXE to Worker Nodes via its internal network? Is that possible?

On the other hand: How we create n independent private networks in a way that students have they own private network between VMs? Via VLAN?

Somebody has a similar scenario?

I know it’s a weird situation and maybe other Virtualizations solutions are best fit (ie proxmox), but the idea is that students know how to create a Cluster into a Cloud solution and where resources are automatically managed.

Thank you!!!

You can create ethernet-only networks, in that case opennebula only assigns the mac adress and the IP is assumed to be managed externally. See here:

Yes, that sounds like the best approach.

Thanks @cmartin!