How to read disk IOPS in onevm show ID?

When I issue the command : onevm show ID , I see this

DISKRDBYTES : 12666129498112
DISKRDIOPS : 211192645
DISKWRBYTES : 4337264168448
DISKWRIOPS : 121940429

How can I read disk iops , the number above surely not correct.
Thank you.

This is a cumulative counter.
Default updates every 60 seconds.

You can read more here

Thank you.
For example i need to calculate IOPS: (new cumulative IOPS - old cumulative IOPS)/60.
I see that sunstone already have this, how can I extract this information from sunstone so that I do not need to recalculate IOPS.

Sunstone takes this data from the database (table vm_monitoring)