How to troubleshoot "Stuck" VM's that wont automaticly deploy?

I am having an issue where my users are CreatingVM’s with out a problem but something is stopping the VM from actually going from Pending to Boot/Deploy. As CloudAdmin I can go in and force the deploy and that works fine but I need my users to be self sufficient as much as possible. There is plenty of resources left in the allocated CPU/RAM pool and manual deploys work fine.


It seems this is an issue with the scheduler::

  • Check that it is still running, e.g. pgrep mm_sched
  • Reason for not scheduling the VM is in VM template. onevm show of one of
    the misbehaving VMs could give you a clue about what is happening, look for
  • sched.log, will also include info. If needed you can restart the
    scheduler with debug_level = 5 (in sched.conf)